7"/9" Two In One Bamboo Toilet Step Stool Brown Squatty Potty

Best Price: $39.99

Offered by Target

The Bamboo Flip Stool Helps Align The Colon For Better Elimination. To Simulate A Squatting Position, All You Have To Do Is Take A Seat, Put Your Feet On The Toilet Stool, And Get Comfortable. Prefer The 7" Height, But Someone Else In The Home Requires The 9" Height? This Squatty Potty Adjusts Between Both Heights With A Simple Flip. It's Clever Design Requires Very Little Effort To Accommodate Anyone's Squatting Needs. So Simple. Yet So Smart. Which Size Is Right For Me? The Flip Stool Offers The Best Of Both Worlds. 7″ Height Is The Most Comfortable For Most People. For Those With Comfort Height Toilets The 9″ Height Is Sometimes Preferred. Children Also Do Better With The 9″ Height. The Bamboo Stool Is Adds Better Posture, Modern, And Is Made From Renewable Materials - More Information from Target

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