Wilson Combat 1911 Bullet Proof Titanium Firing Pin .45 Acp Titanium Firing Pin

Best Price: $29.95

Offered by Brownells

The Bullet Proof Titanium Firing Pin Is A Simple Drop In Retrofit For Shooters Who Want To Enhance Drop Safety And Reduce Lock Time In Their 1911. This Part Is A Drop In Part For Series 70 Or Series 80 Style 1911 Designs And For Guns With A Standard .45 ACP USGI/Colt Diameter (.093") Firing Pin. Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: Most 1911 Handguns On The Market Use One Of Three Different Diameters Of Firing Pins. Standard .45 ACP/USGI 1911 Is .093". Most Springfield Armory Pistols Use .075" Current Production Wilson Of All Calibers And Many Others Uses A .38 Super/9mm Pin Regardless Of Cali - More Information from Brownells

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