Survive Outdoors Longer Escape Bivvy Emergency Shelter Green

Best Price: $50.99

Offered by Target

Survival Gear Like The Escape Bivvy Are An Essential In Your Pack To Provide Warmth And Safety While Outdoors. This Bivvy Sleeping Bag Can Provide More Than Warm Heat, It’ll Keep You Dry And Keep Condensation At Bay. The Proprietary Fabric Is Breathable And Allows Moisture To Escape, While Still Keeping Rain, Snow, And Wind From Getting In With The Waterproof Seams. It’ll Also Still Reflect 70percent Of Your Body Heat Back To You, To Prevent Heat Loss And Trap In The Warm Air. Stay Warm And Stay Dry In Every Condition With This Heat Reflective Bivvy. It’ll Last Through Multiple Adventures With Its Durable And Tear Resistant Material. The Quiet Material Won't Shred To Pieces If Punctured For A Reliable And Long Lasting Survival Tool. When You Need Warmth Without Soaking Your Clothes, Pack The Reflective Escape Bivvy For A Warm And Dry Adventure.  Age Group: Adult. Pattern: Solid. - More Information from Target

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