Aingol Digital Meat Thermometer Instant Read Cooking Thermometer With Large Lcd Stainless Steel Temperature Probes For Kitchen Cooking Candy Milk Tea Bbq Grill Smokers And Bath Water

Touch Screen Design Various Kinds Of Applications, Suitable For Different Cooking Meats,Fast Readout, Large Screen Display Which Makes Reading Clearly,The Display Shows The Temperature In Celsius Or FahrenheitIntelligent And Humanized Design The Meat Thermometer Comes With 8 Preset Temperature Modes For Beef, Pork, Chick, Turkey, Veal, Lamb, Ham, Fish And A Default Mode PROGM Which Is No Specific UseTouch ( S / T ) Icon To Select The Tastes, Each Press Of ( S / T ) Button In The Beef, Veal And Lamb Modes Will Advance To Different Cooking Tastes - More Information from Amazon

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